Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Is Your Child a Bully?

by Kathy Foust

Most parents aren't going to admit that their child is a bully. Sure, they might say it in a joking manner, but most parents don't want their children to be in any kind of negative class. I know I don't! The fact of the matter is that almost every child or adult is going to bully someone at one time or another. It's called testing the limits or pushing the bar or just plain old seeing what you can get away with based on the fact that you want something from that person. Of course, sometimes all you or your child really wants is some attention.

I can't stress how important it is it give your child positive attention. If they don't get positive attention, there's only one other way to get it and bullying might be what they resort to. Children will test limits from time to time, but a child who is a bully is in need of some kind of attention for sure. It may just be that he or she wants to look tough or is maybe seeking some kind of control in his or her life.

The smartest way to make sure that your child doesn't become a bully is to model good behavior and provide adequate affection. I know we all get busy with work, school, medical stuff and just life in general, but we really need to take time out to actually pay individual attention to our children. It's possible for parents to create bullies out of children that didn't have to be.

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