Monday, October 18, 2010

WASH To Wash Out Bullying

WASH is the acronym for Writers Against School Harassment. WASH exists to wash out bullying by bringing together the collective community of writers from every corner of the globe to use the power of the written word to prevent this epidemic that is no longer just "kids being kids". Bullying has taken lives by way of suicide, something we now know as "Bullicide", a term coined by well known writer, Kathy Faust.

WASH was founded in October of 2010 by Dan Hensley & Saorise O'Mara, in memory of Sladjana Vidovic, whose tormentors continued their victimizing ways when they showed up at her wake and made fun of her body, and cracked tasteless jokes about what lifeless Sladjana looked like as her grieving family looked on.

Other young people have taken their lives before Sladjana. Most recently, a college student whose fellow students streamed a same sex encounter between him and another male on the internet, took his life as a result of this ultimate form of advanced bullying. When tormentors can cause their victims to take their own lives, facing absolutely zero possibilities of consequences for their actions, it is time people from all over stand up and say ENOUGH!

In this effort to wash out bullying, it is imperative that actions take precedence over an internet presence. The old adage that says "The pen is mightier than the sword" is absolutely true. In this technologically advanced world, the internet has become a breeding ground for deadly bullying just as the school yard and colleges have classically been the main attraction of bullies. It is imperative that we recognize bullying does not know the boundaries of age, race, ethnicity, religion, political beliefs, social standing, financial class, sexual preference, disability, or national origin.

WASH wishes to build relationships with writers of every genre, of every type of work experience, and every level of professional public exposure in the art of the written word. WASH exists without any certain or definitive social, religious, political, or other belief. WASH exists simply to use the literary arts as a way to build community relationships with parents, schools, colleges, social service agencies, mental health professionals, concerned friends of victims, law enforcement agencies, human service agencies, and other concerns charged with the well being of others who experience trauma.

WASH exists to use our influence and talents as a way to teach the example of humane conflict settlement, humane communications, and celebration of the differences that make us all who and what we are. Tolerance isn't enough. We need to be finders & givers of hope. In memory of those who have lost their lives by medical cause of Bullicide, welcome to WASH!


  1. Great post, Dan! Thanks for setting up our blog.

  2. Way to take positive action against such a serious issue! Thank you from a parent, youth worker, and kids' writer. I'll be sharing this site with my readers.

    Jo @

  3. Thank you for taking the bull by the horns! Good job!

  4. I'm afraid you've made a mistake in your facts. In reality, the term Bullycide is a portmanteau word first used by Neil Marr and Tim Field in their book Bullycide: Death at Playtime. It refers to suicide attributable to the victim having been bullied.

    Thought you'd like to know. And who is Kathy Faust? You said she was well known. I've never heard of her...

  5. Jen-In reality, I've never heard of the book "Bullycide", so no, I didn't take the term "bullicide" from the book, but thanks for letting us know that the book even existed. One of us may have to do a review of it :)

    And, to some, I am a well known writer. If you Googled me as "Kathy Faust" then it's understandable why you didn't come up with anything.

    Thanks for reading our blog! (By the way please do not assume he was wrong in his facts since it was the first time he and many other people heard that term. But, we'd love for you to comment if you have something positive to add!)


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