Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Extending A Helping Hand For A Fellow Writer

Laurie Meekis, a fellow writer, is in the hospital having major surgery. This news comes to us from the Writerish Blog. Surgery means that Laurie will not be able to make an income through the craft she loves so much until she is recovered. WASH is joining the effort to help Laurie to have what we know as a residual income by asking as many of you as will possibly take a few moments to click on her work at the Yahoo! Contributor Network.

A content writer makes their income honestly and survives from up-front payments each time they publish as well as page views and performance bonuses. Clicking on her work means that Laurie gets paid and that her income continues to stream in. Unfortunately, freelance writers do not get corporate health benefits and must rely on being able to pay for private insurance.

WASH wishes Laurie a fast recovery that is free from complications and that she has all the support she can get in this time. Get well soon, Laurie!

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