Friday, October 29, 2010

A Smile a Day!

by Saoirse O'Mara

Have you smiled today? Have you made someone else smile?

Why not?

A smile costs nothing but can bring back so much! A smile can spread happiness and good feelings around you. It chases away bad feelings, sorrow and anger.

You wonder what a smile has to do with bullying? Oh, more than you think!

People who smile and who are happy are less likely to bully someone. They just have no reason to bully someone! When they aren't angry or frustrated, they need no one to punish for their bad feelings.

Thus my demand of every one who reads this: Make someone smile today! It can be as simple as to smile at them. Next time you pass someone on the streets, greet him with a smile. Many people will smile back at you.

Which brings me to my second topic for today: Why are some people more destined to being bullied than others? What type of people get bullied?

The answer is as simple as disturbing: Everyone who is different. Bullies see difference as weakness and try to take advantage of it. If their victim isn't strong enough, a devil's circle begins: The victim is bullied and as a consequence loses self-esteem and thus appears even weaker.

Children have to know their worth. They need self-esteem and willpower. Devote your parenting to the goal to make your children strong, self-assured and caring. If everyone did that, bullying would be a problem of the past ...

Have a nice weekend and smile!


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